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Are you looking for quality food for your pets? We have for you quality feeds made in Slovakia, great natural delicacies, various accessories such as leashes, harnesses, bowls, beds and much more. Just choose from our offer in our e-shop.

Beef Chewing Bone
Made in Slovakia
Brand: Biofer
High quality beef chewing bone in size about 16 cm made from beef skin 100% natural. It does not contain additives or preservatives.A tasteful nutritional supplement that improves your dog's oral hygiene, supports dog digestion, and is also suitable for retrieval.The bone must first get the saliva o..
1.60 €
Ex Tax:1.33 €
Dried pork ear
Made in Slovakia
Brand: Dened
Dried pork ears are a popular chewy delicacy of all dog breeds. Thanks to the production of gentle hot air drying technology, 100% natural quality and taste without additional preservatives is achieved. A delicacy suitable for training or as a reward for carrying out orders.Made in Slovakia.The colo..
1.30 €
Ex Tax:1.08 €
Dried pork leg
Made in Slovakia
Brand: Dened
A popular treasure for all dogs. During the hot air drying process, without added chemical preservatives, all vitamins and minerals are preserved. 100% natural product is made exclusively from fresh, quality ingredients. The foot is a source of natural protein and collagen, which positively stimulat..
2.00 €
Ex Tax:1.67 €
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