Toppers - Correctors

Toppers - Correctors

Toppers, pads are a great alternative for those who want to improve their uncomfortable bed, couch, but also a suitable therapeutic aid for long-term patients. They are also a suitable accessory for those who do not want to replace their older mattresses, but for example to improve its features. Choose from our wide range of toppers made in Slovakia.

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ATLAS topper, mattress pad

Topper Atlas with core VISCO MEMORY SONNOCEL 45 kg / m3 ensures a pleasant sleep. SILVER PROTECT red..

145.00 €

CUPIDO topper, mattress pad

Cupido 3cm pad with combined core of orthopedic base and shaped memory foam. The three-zone quilted ..

129.00 €

DIONISO topper, mattress pad

Full-size top mattress, which can be used on both sides depending on whether you prefer memory foam ..

179.00 €

MAIA topper, mattress pad

Maia Topper ... softness, stimulation and blood circulation in one ... welnes in your home.Double-si..

155.00 €

MORFEO topper, mattress pad

A great top mattress for those who can't do without the comfort of memory foam but don't want to giv..

159.00 €

VEGA topper, mattress pad

The profiled surface with topper massage studs (6/4) helps to stimulate and improve blood circulatio..

105.00 €
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