Cosmetics for animals

Cosmetics for animals

We offer a range of cosmetics for dogs and cats, which we are constantly expanding. Our home care cosmetics offer hair, eye and ear care products, or a variety of accessories such as combs, brushes, ticks, diapers and much more.

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Bags for excrement 20x27cm

Plastic pockets for excrements in size 20x27cm in package 50pcs.Warning: Not for food!The colors may..

1.30 €

Fitmin For Life Anti-parasite shampoo for dogs 300 ml

The composition of the antiparasitic shampoo eliminates the occurrence of a wide range of parasites...

6.12 €

Fitmin For Life Junior shampoo for dogs 300 ml

Extra gentle nourishing shampoo for puppies and kittens.Thanks to its exceptionally gentle compositi..

4.70 €

Fitmin For Life shampoo with conditioner for dogs 300 ml

2in1 shampoo with conditioner for easy combing.Thanks to its unique composition, it increases the sh..

4.70 €

GILLS Baby shampoo for dogs and cats 200 ml

Shampoo designed for washing hair in dogs and cats.The basic characteristic of this shampoo is that ..

4.00 €

GILLS Mink Oil Conditioner Shampoo for dogs 200 ml

This shampoo and conditioner is specially perfect for long fur, it cancels static and combats the dr..

4.00 €

GILLS Neutral shampoo for dogs 230 ml

Neutro Shampoo neutral shampoo that helps keep hair healthy and healthy looking.Removes excess dandr..

3.70 €

GILLS regenerating shampoo for dogs 230 ml

Super Regenerating Shampoo is a regenerating shampoo that stimulates the hair regeneration process.T..

4.80 €

GILLS shampoo for short hair Antiparasite for dogs 230 ml

Shampoo for short-haired breeds.It repels parasites. Highly effective shampoo with repellent effects..

4.56 €

GILLS shampoo for white fur for dogs 200 ml

Shampoo designed for washing snow-white hair in dogs and cats.Prepares hair for cutting.It gives the..

3.84 €

PET BENEFIT dry shampoo set

Set "Dry bath" is the perfect helper in the care of pets. Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting the ha..

4.99 €

PET BENEFIT wet cloths 12 pcs

Wet wipes specially designed for the daily care of your pet's coat.Warning: Use only on animals. Kee..

3.00 €

PET EXPERT Antiparasite shampoo for dogs 300 ml

Shampoo with a natural antibacterial component.Aucalyptus essential oils and citronella have repelle..

4.90 €

PET EXPERT Bodyguard shampoo for dogs 300 ml

Shampoo with aloe vera, panthenol and tea tree oil.Aloe vera and panthenol extract have a beneficial..

4.90 €

PET EXPERT Cat shampoo for cats 300 ml

Active shampoo for all breeds of cats. Gently cleanses, beautifies and protects hair and skin. Marin..

4.56 €

PET EXPERT Junior shampoo for dogs 300 ml

White cream shampoo for puppies and junior dogs.Very gentle shampoo with honey and almond extract, w..

4.56 €
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