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Brand: Fitmin Model: FM-013241
The composition of the antiparasitic shampoo eliminates the occurrence of a wide range of parasites. It relieves itching of irritated skin and moisturizes it. Shampoo with effective fragrant and antiparasitic natural ingredients: tee tree, bergamot essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, eucalyptus..
6.20 €
Ex Tax:5.17 €
Brand: Fitmin Model: FM-013302
Extra gentle nourishing shampoo for puppies and kittens. Thanks to its exceptionally gentle composition enriched with aloe vera, allantoin and D-Panthenol, it optimally cares for sensitive skin, harmonizes it, soothes and hydrates it.Do not use on cats!Make sure that the shampoo does not get into th..
5.40 €
Ex Tax:4.50 €
Brand: Fitmin Model: FM-013272
Harmonizing and soothing shampoo gentle on the animal's skin. Thanks to its enriched composition, it is optimal for daily use, protects against adverse external influences, nourishes and hydrates. Aloe vera with healing effects, which protects against fungi, viruses and eczema, and Chamomile with an..
5.40 €
Ex Tax:4.50 €
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