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Menstrual panties

Menstrual panties that are stylish, comfortable, soft and functional Menstrual panties are a modern alternative to classic menstrual aids (pads, tampons). However, they will also serve as a "fuse" when using the menstrual cup. They look like regular underwear, but have an impermeable absorbent core.

Brand: Nika Intima Model: NM-D7703
Menstrual cotton panties for periodic days. The panties have an inserted wedge with a tencel insert with a waterproof finish. They fit well and surround the figure.Use: during menstrual days, when there is an increased risk of getting underwear soaked.The panties effectively protect against soiling ..
10.00 €
Ex Tax:8.33 €
Brand: Nika Intima Model: NM-D7701
Intima panties completely replace intimates. Comfortable, modern, functional, great during the days when you need intimacy or at the end of the period. It ensures a feeling of hygiene, comfort and cleanliness.After use, just wash in the washing machine or by hand. They contribute to saving the envir..
10.00 €
Ex Tax:8.33 €
Brand: Nika Intima Model: NM-D7702
Menstrual panties intima PERIOD are worn during menstrual days. They absorb well and are comfortable during the day and at night. They contain seven layers of different types of materials made according to the latest technologies. The effectiveness is ensured by alternating absorbent and permeable l..
20.00 €
Ex Tax:16.67 €
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