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Paper towels

Choose from a menu of paper towels. Discover paper rolls and kitchen towels perfect for your home. All hygiene items in your home. Your favorite drugstore in one place.

Brand: Harmony Model: DH-841474
Kitchen towels 2-layer Harmony, suitable for cooking in the kitchen. Reel 2 x 11 meters.Two layers allow for comfort and increase the durability of individual wipes.The colors may vary slightly depending on the settings of your device...
1.40 €
Ex Tax:1.17 €
Brand: Katrin Model: DH-002665
Katrin Plus stands out from the line, among other 2-layer products on the market, with exceptional strength and absorbency. Thanks to large pieces and a total length of up to 90 meters, these paper towels are suitable for wiping large areas. The practical and economic advantage of longer roles is th..
3.60 €
Ex Tax:3.00 €
Brand: Linteo Model: DH-371911
Their 2-ply, highly durable paper easily handles intensive cleaning and polishing in most houses. You can be sure that LINTEO towels will not leave stains and will not disintegrate even when wet. Roll of one roll 50 meters.The colors may vary slightly depending on the settings of your device...
2.70 €
Ex Tax:2.25 €
Brand: Tento Model: DH-103370
TENTO kitchen towels Extra Strong 2pcs - Strong help in housework. INVALUABLE ASSISTANCE IN DOMESTIC CLEANING. Tento Extra Strong Paper Towels will easily get rid of any stain or streak. Their extra-large three-layer sheets made of resistant paper will easily deal with intensive cleaning a..
2.20 €
Ex Tax:1.83 €
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