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Massage gels

Moisturizing and greasy massage creams are used for body and face care. They are ideal for massaging the face, décolleté and the whole body. Massage gels, creams and oils with which you can contribute to accelerating muscle regeneration after a demanding exercise. Choose from a wide selection and buy online today! Complete care for your body in one place comfortably from home.

BIOTEN massage gel - horse chestnut 250 ml
-64 %
Brand: HuncaLife Model: KHL-27210
Extracts of horse chestnut, ivy, rosemary, peppermint and wheat stimulate the regulation of blood circulation. Reduces fatigue and stress. It also contains Vitamins A and E, which give the skin firmness and hydration. Vitamin A regenerates the skin, keeps it clear and clean, contributes to good hair..
2.40 € 6.66 €
Ex Tax:2.00 €
BIOTEN massage gel - jojoba oil and shea butter
-63 %
Brand: HuncaLife Model: KHL-27068
Moisturizing massage gel with jojoba oil and shea butter helps to soften the skin while providing massage relief. Jojoba oil is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, natural and acne-removing oil. It has beneficial effects on hair, face and whole body. Effective against wrinkles, cellulite and cracke..
4.40 € 11.99 €
Ex Tax:3.67 €
Brand: Vivaco Model: VCZ-210846
Cannacare - massage herbal gel with hemp oil.Massage herbal gel with natural oil and extracts for local blood circulation of sore muscles, joints and back. Herbal lubrication with natural oil contains a combination of natural substances and extracts for local blood circulation of strained muscles an..
5.60 €
Ex Tax:4.67 €
Brand: Vivaco Model: VCZ-054114
Pferde balsam - a cooling herbal balm with horse chestnut.Herbal gel with horse chestnut and natural oil with a high content of plant extracts, which are known for their beneficial effects in skin massages in the area of ​​tired muscles, joints, tendons, back or after increased physical exertion. Ge..
6.00 €
Ex Tax:5.00 €
Brand: Vivaco Model: VCZ-210921
Herbal massage gel with synthetic snake venom SYN-AKE. Relief for muscles, joints and back.Snake venom: Snake cosmetics contain the highly effective substance SYN-AKE, which was developed by the synthesis of Wagler's rattlesnake venom. This fabric has a great lifting effect with immediate effect. Pe..
5.60 €
Ex Tax:4.67 €
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