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Posted by Jozef 15/03/2020 0 Comment(s) Everything about buying on Vantu,

Dear customers, today we are suspending the sending of consignments to the points of delivery of the Packeta (Zasilkovna) within the Slovak and Czech Republic until 15.03.2020 until further notice!


The reason for this decision is today's announcement of a measure by the Slovak and the Czech Government on the closure of commercial operations (except for the specified sectors) in relation to the spreading coronavirus.


As a result of this order, we have decided to suspend sending parcels to this service's collection points. We want to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in delivery as well as unnecessary costs for us and for our customers.


Since many of these off-take points are located in different business locations and many of them remain closed under this Regulation, we cannot guarantee the delivery of your orders via this service.

In addition, in the case of this service, the take-off time of a shipment is usually 7 days, which would mean that the shipment would be returned to us if the branch were closed as the government order is currently set at 14 days or more depending on the situation.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have experienced, but we have other shipping options that you can use.

Thank you for understanding.

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