Quality textiles from Slovakia? Do you need to tailor something? We present you our home textiles made in Slovakia. We will introduce it to you in a few lines, from the offer to the material.

In our e-shop you can find a wide range of home textiles designed for every household, but also schools, hotels, accommodation facilities and the like. The main and main part of our offer consists of home textiles, which are made in Slovakia and are represented by the brands Dened and Textil Šimon. This offer includes products such as bed linen, bed sheets, but also quality pillows and duvets, chair seats and much more. We have written for these products that they are made in Slovakia and as a bonus we offer our customers the possibility of individual tailoring of atypical dimensions, or modification of products according to specific requirements.

When choosing a material for our products, we try to produce, respectively. buy basic material for their production in the best possible quality. It must be said at the outset that at present some material items needed for the production of a product in Slovakia are no longer produced as a basic raw material, but only abroad, so we buy this item from abroad. Mostly from the Czech Republic, Germany or Poland, where this production has been preserved. However, complete sewing, cutting, etc. is already taking place in our branches, companies in Slovakia. A certain part of the products from our offer is also produced directly by people in sheltered workshops and workplaces, so we try to support this market segment as well. Due to our good working contacts in that particular factory, we can afford to design our own fabric pattern and the like. For the most part, in the case of a fabric intended for the production of bedding, for example, we choose only a material such as 100% cotton and its production derivatives such as crepe, flannel and the like.

People often ask us why, for example, a hundred bed linen costs € 16 and other traders (China, Pakistan, etc.) cost € 12, for example. Well, it's just for the origin of the basic material as well as the cost of staff :-). Since, for example, the substance is woven in the Czech Republic, there are absolutely different requirements for production, for the composition of paints, for health safety, etc. in the context of an EU regulation. But the production itself is already taking place in Slovakia in our branches, where it is cut, sewn, ironed and processed. Therefore, we can afford to offer customers sewing according to requirements. Of course, the sewing also depends on whether, for example, there is a sufficient size of any fabric for the required product in our warehouse. In our offer, therefore, you will find a wide range of dimensions that we can tailor, produce if the basic size of the fabric allows it.

As one of the few, for example, we offer high-quality, high-quality waterproof bed sheets that are already used by many of our customers, from individual households to hospitals, not to mention basic lines such as cotton sheets, jersey sheets, terry sheets and other types of sheets in a wide range. colors and, last but not least, dimensions.

A separate chapter in our offer is the production and sewing of pillows and quilts, where, for example, the filling of these products is produced in Slovakia where we mostly use 100% silanized branded hollow fiber with a characteristic heat-insulating effect and shape stability. Our pillows and blankets are used by many households, but also by the Slovak army, various nurseries, boarding schools and the like.

There is much more, as we are constantly expanding our offer and adapting to new trends, both in production and in design, cutting and model patterns. Last but not least, you will also find other Slovak products in our e-shop, which we will present in our other blogs, such as high-quality thermal underwear, bamboo underwear, or even such a necessary thing as orthopedic medical mattresses, unique hand-woven carpets from grandmothers, or much sought after by customers for dog and cat food, of course from Slovakia.

We believe that you will be satisfied with our products and will be happy to return to us with your next purchase. The Vantu team.