Beautiful shoes deserve proper care, ideally the best. That is why you will find Silver products in our offer.

SILVER sells products to customers in 65 countries, while constantly increasing its presence on all continents of the world. Product formulations, industrial designs, plastic molds, automation lines and quality control processes make this company one of the top 500 export companies in Turkey. It holds many patented products and technologies that belong to it.

The product line includes complete care for footwear from general products, leather products, sports shoes, suede shoes, as well as accessories and maintenance products.

General rules for foot care.

To put on your shoes, use a shoehorn. Make sure you loosen the laces before putting on and taking off your shoes. To maintain the shape of your shoes, store them with shoe polish, for example. Use protective products that will help you thoroughly protect the waterproofness of the shoe to protect it from common stains caused by water, mud, dust, snow or salt. Do not heat or suede leather or suede shoes. To prevent damage to the shoes, remove dust and other dirt as soon as possible. After the sports shoes have dried, the mud and dirt are easier to remove. Remove dirt with a shoe brush. Always store shoes clean and polished. Take turns, don't wear the same shoes the next day.

Leather shoe care.

To prolong the life of your shoes, repeat the cleaning, protection and polishing procedures regularly.

Cleaning: plays an important role in the proper care of footwear. Dust and dirt that damage the skin and shorten its life should be removed. If you apply the polish on uncleaned skin, dirt will remain under the polish, causing cracks on the surface.

Polishing: shoe polishes cover cracks and damaged parts on the surface, restore and nourish the skin and restore its appearance. By applying the cream on the shoes in a thin layer and then polishing with a brush, you will give your shoes a shiny look.

Protection: should be done with products that contain natural wax, beeswax, silicone and do not clog leather pores while preventing water, dirt and stains. Protective products should be applied due to weather conditions and frequency of use.

Suede care, nubuck.

Your suede shoes deserve special attention. Make sure they are regularly cleaned and waterproof. Use a soft suede brush to revive the suede surface. Always allow them to dry naturally and never place them near direct heat. The basis is to prevent water contact of suede and nubuck products by means of waterproof products.

Choose from our range of Silver products and get quality care for your shoes that will withstand time, weather and will fully serve you for a long time.