Do you want your car to always look its best? Give it quality care through the new product in our e-shop, Riwax car cosmetics. We have prepared an offer for you from one of the best brands on the world market.

We have expanded our offer by a new category in the field of car cosmetics, and to begin with we included high-quality professional RIWAX car cosmetics offered by the Swiss company Riwax Chemie A.G., founded in 1967. This brand is mainly characterized by the high quality of their products and is therefore very popular especially among professionals in areas of care for machines, motor vehicles, etc. The range of products is complete and includes comprehensive lines of waxes, polishes, cleaning and preservative agents, operational refills and preparations for machine and hand washing of vehicles and machines.

The latest formulas of Riwax brand products fully reflect the trend in the production of cars, therefore the products are systematically checked and adapted to individual formulas in order to meet the highest quality standards while maintaining a highly effective, simple and safe application during use. The range includes a wide range of products for the cleaning and care of cars, motorcycles, boats, rolling stock and aircraft, for both professional and private users.

Car care is something that many car enthusiasts take for granted. They follow the motto "Buying a car = investment, Caring for a car = protection of value." That is why RIWAX contains ready-to-use products for home application. Cleaning and polishing products for cars and two-wheelers with the same effectiveness as professional products. In today's busy times, a car is an accessory that makes transportation much easier for us. In order for our car to retain its original condition for a long time and to be able to use it for as long as possible, proper car care is extremely important. Car care has many benefits, such as improving the appearance of the car, preventing rust and corrosion, and protecting the condition of the car's interior. With Riwax car cosmetics, car care can be done at home like a professional. Of course, one of the biggest advantages of home car care is that it is much cheaper than frequent maintenance at a specialist workshop. Although it is much cheaper to take care of the car ourselves, it does not hurt to have car cosmetics at home that we can use like professionals.

Choose from our offer of Riwax car cosmetics and it doesn't matter whether it is exterior or interior, you will be sure that you are using one of the best brands on the market while achieving results like professionals! You can find the complete range of products on this link or in our category Car cosmetics.