Cold days are here and you are thinking about quality warm clothes? We have our tip for you, namely quality NIKA thermal underwear made in Slovakia. Comfortable at home, at work, outdoors or for sports. Everyone can choose for children, women, but also gentlemen with us. Want to know more? We have prepared a short blog for you, where we will introduce these products from our offer on Vantu.

NIKA brand.

NIKA products are created from the very beginning, starting with the design, design, material selection, cutting construction and, last but not least, production, ie sewing exclusively in Slovakia, according to our classic ČSN standards, as well as European standards and requirements. NIKA brand products are products of the Nika Intima company, which was founded in 1991. Since its inception, it has been producing underwear and underwear for women, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, children and, of course, men. We focus on the production of high-quality underwear from natural fibers (cotton, bamboo, eco-underwear), as well as modern functional thermal underwear and anti-allergic eco-underwear. The result is quality, comfortable and at the same time safe clothing for the whole family with the name Made in Slovakia.

Today's topic - Thermal underwear NIKA.

NIKA thermal underwear of the Termo Intima line is a high-quality underwear with functional hygienic properties. They are products with a long service life, last longer than conventional thermal underwear, are less stuck and abraded when worn. The fiber has a shape memory and returns to its original shape after washing, so that the products stretch by wear and adapt to the figure, but return to their original shape by washing. The main task is thermoregulation of body heat and hygienic protection. T-shirts and underwear are made of two-layer knitwear containing cotton and polypropylene with Stop Bacteria treatment.

Bottom layer - Stop Bacteria treatment reduces body odors, which are caused by the breakdown of sweat. It has medical antimicrobial protection for safer hygiene. The modification achieves that biogenic silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. This treatment is applied directly to the fiber mass and thus ensures that it remains permanently in it even after several washes and does not lose its effect, so it acts as a built-in deodorant. The bottom layer, which adheres to the body, ensures permanent sweat drainage and keeps the skin dry. At the same time, it ensures a feeling of warmth.

The top layer is made of natural cotton and it serves for effective removal of moisture from the skin and thus ensures its gradual evaporation. You can verify this by soaking the piece of fabric completely in water, squeezing it and applying it to your face. The cotton top will be damp, but the bottom will remain dry even after soaking in water. The advantage of this is that the skin touched by the back of the product will always be dry.

We currently offer you three lines of thermal underwear products in our e-shop, namely Nika Termo Classic, Nika Termo Retro and Nika Termo Bambus.

The main difference between these products is the composition of the base material. At Nika Termo Classic, the determining material is 50% polypropylene and 50% cotton. Nika Termo Retro is a specific material that is especially familiar to older vintages and the basic composition is 65% polypropylene and 35% cotton. Another recognizable feature is that Nika Retro is characterized by a fine fabric structure - a fine strip. A complete novelty, even in Slovakia, is our Nika Termo Bambus line, where the basic material is 50% polypropylene and 50% (100%) bamboo fiber.

NIKA thermal underwear maintenance.

When maintaining thermal laundry, we recommend following the symbols on the product, but in general the principle is that we recommend washing at 40 ° C, it is important NOT to use fabric softeners and subsequent free drying, while you can smoothly straighten the laundry. Drying in a dryer does not reduce the quality properties of the product, but precipitation can occur by 5% in length and 4% in width. Please note that thermal underwear MUST NOT be ironed. In this way, you ensure that the Stop Bacteria protection retains its properties for the long life of this thermal linen.

At the end.

The basic characteristic of NIKA Termo are sports - elegant products that fulfill the function of high - purpose thermal underwear, but they can also be worn as elegant outerwear without sports inscriptions and visible sports elements. The thermo-laundry products are sewn with technology that ensures wearing comfort, so they do not contain flat seams (which cause bruises and abrasions by prolonged wear and presses uncomfortably in stressed areas), but are sewn with a special secured inner seam that does not cause abrasion even when worn for 48 hours or more. The products are also very durable and have a long life. Since the combination of polypropylene fiber and natural fiber accelerates the functional removal of sweat, in extremely stressed places there is no such destructive effects of sweat on the synthetic material as in the case of single-layer thermo-laundry. NIKA thermo with their construction (they are two-layer, but at the same time not coarsely bulky) can be worn as a bottom, but also as a top thermal underwear. NIKA thermal underwear is ideal as medical, sports, tourist and also work underwear for demanding conditions. It is one of the hottest products and the warmest underwear in our market.

We believe that we have helped you with the selection of these lines and that you will be satisfied with our NIKA products. If you decide to buy these products, keep in mind that the delivery time for these products is usually 3-4 days, due to the fact that we sew each type based on a specific order. In this way we try to avoid unnecessary waste of material. Thank you for understanding.

You will find our offer of thermal underwear at this link.

The Vantu team.