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Dear customers, Today we are launching some new changes in our e-shop. As is customary, changes are either good or bad, of course everything depends on the point of view. :-) One such change is the shipping cost adjustment and the amount at which the customer gets free shipping. This change mainly affects customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


Basically, what each of us somehow expects automatically at the beginning of the year, and the price increase has affected us as well. In our e-shop this mainly concerns the prices for the transport of consignments, which we had to access after receiving new prices from the carriers. Therefore, today the new shipping prices you will encounter, as well as the fact that we had to reduce the impact on free purchases above a certain order amount, apply.


Free shipping, we had to increase from € 40 to € 80 per order for shipping in Slovakia, and for other countries to which we deliver our shipments, we completely dropped free shipping. But even free delivery over 80 € has its limit and that is the weight - the maximum weight of the shipment is 75kg. If this weight is exceeded, the free delivery option will automatically be turned off from the offer and the delivery will be delivered at a set price. This measure concerns mainly the Slovak Republic. For other countries, the price and weight are listed on our shipping and payment page in our e-shop.


Another change is the price adjustment for each shipment. Our shipments are priced based on the weight of the package. We set these prices in the new weight classes so that the increase was not extreme. Therefore, we have added a range of weight classes that have their delivery rate. We also set separate prices for mail, courier, or other delivery.


When delivering the consignments to the consignment of Zasielkovna, we set a uniform price for the consignment, which price applies to consignments up to a total weight of 9.99 kg. When this threshold is exceeded, the delivery point will be turned off. This applies in particular to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.


As part of the delivery of consignments to the Czech Republic, we have canceled the delivery of consignments through Czech Post after our experience and currently the consignments to the Czech Republic will be delivered only by courier or at the delivery points of the Zasielkovna.


As far as individual prices are concerned, our prices are final, that is to say, they include all set fees, such as shipping, taxes, tolls, handling fees, etc., as charged by the carrier and you are no longer charged as customers. Clear and understandable conditions.


This measure is for purely economic reasons, as we are not "complete fools" and we want the e-shop to continue to grow and grow. As each of us is affected by different increases from electricity, gas, or measures taken in the framework of "social packages", levies, etc. it must have been reflected somewhere.


But be careful. Although we had to raise prices, we tried to compensate for it. That is why our new point system is starting today for orders, which we tried to somehow compensate for the increase. Our point system is especially beneficial for our registered customers, but it will also apply to customers who shop here without registering. The point system will be fully operational from the new year 2020 and we will explain how it will work in our blog dedicated only to this issue. It is one of the options that allows you to get or achieve, for example, a discount on transport for your order. There will also be a purchase credit system as well as gift vouchers, which we will launch within 1-2 months.


We will still offer you a number of products for your home made in Slovakia, either by us or by our partners, or in the Czech Republik, and we can already tell you that there will be new brands that meet this condition. We believe that, despite these not-so-good news in the field of transport, you will continue to favor us.


New shipping prices can be found on this link

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