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Design in the field of home textiles and changing and evolving, but only one color here is forever - white. Popular and sought after for years, which fits into any home, hotel or other space. In our short blog we will introduce the products that you will find in our e-shop and have one common feature - white.



White is the basis of all linen, but pure white linen, towels and other products are still in high demand. Therefore in our e-shop you will find a product line, the main feature of which is white. We offer classic cotton linen, satin linen, towels, bath towels, bathroom mats, classic white cushions, blankets, blankets, but also bathrobes. All products in white color are characterized by the fact that they are made of quality materials. One of these reasons is that they also serve as a basis for the manufacture of other products, whether in combination for the application of different freebies, or because they are mostly used in operations such as hotels, kindergartens, hospitals, etc., where they place higher demands on quality and long-term use.




The best selling and most used products include our towels, bath towels, bathrobes and other bathroom textiles, of course in white or its shade. We offer classic cotton terry towels, bath towels, high quality towels with a mixture of bamboo and cotton, which excel in their quality and design, or towels made of 100% organic cotton. Another popular product from our offer are bathrobes. These dressing gowns, such as the Valencia series, are made of a blend of bamboo and cotton and will last for years. All these products are designed to be combined with each other to create a single set with the same design.



These products are very popular especially for their material and quality in various kindergartens, hospitals, spas, and various wellness centers. Of course, they are also suitable for everyday households and if you are not white, we offer these products in other color combinations, so you can match your bathroom in the right colors. Products like bathrobes are also a favorite item, as a unique gift on different occasions and for all ages.


Separate chapter in our e-shop are bed linen, bed sheets, various pillows and blankets. We offer classic cotton cotton linen made in Slovakia as well as Issimo cotton satin linen made of 100% Egyptian cotton, all in different sizes. Only the best material is used to make these sheets. Soft and densely woven fabric that lasts. Linen covers are available in dimensions 90x135cm, 140x200cm, 140x220cm, 160x220cm, 200x220cm, 220x240cm. Pillow covers in sizes 50x70cm, 70x90cm or in size 50x70 with decorative trim. However, if you did not find the required size in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us and we will sew the size you need.


Bed sheets in white are in our offer for example classic, ie without rubber and also in a wide range of dimensions. They are made from 100% cotton or Issimo cotton satin from 100% Egyptian cotton. If you prefer classic cotton, we also have jersey sails, terry covered with rubber for better and more stable fit on the mattress. A popular product in our range of bed sheets is waterproof sheets. They are in jersey design, but also terry and great to protect the mattress and beds, thanks to its polyeratunovou layer, which prevents contamination.

























You will also find in our e-shop classic pillows and blankets, which are a common feature is that they are white. We produce pillows and blankets for you in Slovakia and fill them with quality fillings so that they can withstand and be easy to maintain. We have one of the widest range of sizes and what we have already mentioned is that if you do not find the size you want in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make the right one for you. For more demanding customers we also have pillows, blankets made of the highest quality materials, for example with the addition of Aloe Vera and similarly from Issimo, which are among the most luxurious on the Slovak market.



In this short blog, we tried to bring you closer to the products in immortal white that you can find in our e-shop. quality and luxury products from Issimo, or quality bedding and sheets made in Slovakia. If you do not prefer white, but you are interested in a different color or combination of colors, in our shop will definitely choose each of the products that we ourselves use at home.


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