How to choose quality granules for your dog and what to look for when choosing food.

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Are you looking for quality food for your "pet" and are you lost in terms of packaging? It doesn't matter, we have prepared a short article for you on how to proceed when choosing a quality feed and thus distinguish "premium" feed from "economy class" feed. In our e-shop you will find only feeds and food supplements that are made in Slovakia, from our raw materials and made under the supervision of people who have been dealing with this issue throughout their professional lives. So we will tell you how to choose and recognize the right food in the following lines.


Tip number 1: Age, breed, but also the activity of your dog determine the choice of the right food.

Even the highest quality granules will not be suitable for your dog unless they correspond to his developmental stage, activity and physical and health dispositions. Dogs in high load need more animal protein, senior dogs need less fat and so on. Dogs with food allergies, after castration or pregnant bitches need a different food. Therefore, answer this question at the beginning and decide on the right food accordingly.


Tip number 2: What you should know about feed.

Read the labels and know the correct composition of the granules. The ingredients are listed in descending order on the packaging or in our e-shop, according to the amount contained in the feed. In dog food, look for meat in the first place, of a precisely determined type and condition - fresh, dried, flour, products of animal origin, etc. The right amount of meat is 30 to 65%, but at least 18%! Simply put, meat and again only meat. Beware of products of animal origin! If you were looking for a portion of meat under this label, the opposite might be true. It is a designation of residues from slaughterhouses (feathers, beaks, various other parts), in which you can hardly find meat. Here too, however, it is important to know the manufacturer and its products. Our products are manufactured in Slovakia at our own expense, so we have an impact on the basic raw materials used, so products of animal origin also contain cuttings, offal, etc. in various proportions. For animal proteins, therefore, the quality of their sources depends. Ideal is quality meat for human consumption. Keep in mind that every honest manufacturer will boast of the use of quality raw materials and will highlight this in their product accordingly. Of course, this is subsequently given by the price of such a product. Guts and fresh meat supplemented with flour or dried meat are also excellent. Fresh meat contains about 70% water, so the actual meat content is much lower than the percentage. It is also the producer's responsibility to clearly specify the type of meat in the product, including its condition. Ingredients such as dried meat, chicken meal or fresh meat of various kinds are fine.


Tip number 3: What about cereals in feed?

If you find in the first place in the content of cereals or vegetable proteins, you should warn. Cereals are not harmful, but not in the first place and in the predominant proportion! Gluten-containing cereals - especially wheat and maize - must never outweigh the meat content. Quality types of gluten-free cereals are a suitable source of carbohydrates and clean the intestines - such as potatoes, rice, legumes, millet, oats and others. However, they must still not prevail over the animal proteins that the dog desperately needs. Of course, this does not apply to dogs on a special diet. In the best recipes you will find fruits and vegetables instead of cereals. Such granules have the designation Grain Free - ie without cereals.


Tip number 4: Analytical constituents, declared quality characteristics and their significance.

The analytical components are listed after the content of the ingredients and represent the sum of all essential building materials.

a) Crude protein - means the total protein content of plant and animal origin in the feed. In order of content in the composition, you will know which type of protein leads. These should always be meat proteins, either dried or flour.

b) Crude fats - again they include animal as well as vegetable fats and a clearly given animal fat should be present in the feed.

c) Crude fiber - is a collection of insoluble vegetable fiber, which ensures bowel cleansing and speeds up digestion. Its presence means quality plant ingredients such as fresh vegetables, fruits or quality cereals.

d) Moisture-moisture in the feed indicates the amount of excess water remaining after the processing of the ingredients. Its source is fresh meat and similar raw materials. The optimal content is about 8 - 10%. Caution with a higher content increases the risk of mold, or the feed is strongly chemically preserved. The less moisture, the more room for nutrients.

e) Ashes - indicate the amount of indigestible components and their content should be as low as possible.

d) Additives - list the vitamins and minerals they contain, always taking their source into account - ideally fresh vegetables, fruits or minerals in chelated form.


Tip number 5: Ingredients not belonging to the feed.

Various artificial preservatives such as potassium sorbate (E202), BHA (E320), BHT (E321), propyl gallate (E310), ethoxyquin (E324), sodium tripolyphosphate STPP (E451), propylene glycol (E1520), diphosphates.

The only suitable preservatives are natural - and these are tocopherols (Vit. E), and possible extracts such as rosemary oil.

Flavorings and colorants - that the granules have a non-uniform color is definitely fine, it is simply not possible to squeeze an even amount of ingredients. However, if they are color-coded or, conversely, absolutely in a uniform shade, chemistry is probably to blame.

Inorganic materials - carbonates, sulfates, chlorides, oxides, hydroxides and other unsuitable digestion. Excess amounts in the diet lead to the formation of urinary, kidney or gallstones. Clogging of blood vessels and deposition of harmful substances anywhere in the dog's body.

Suitable sources of minerals are vegetables, herbs and digestible minerals in chelated form.


Summarized and underlined:

1. Meat: the meat consists of the specified species and condition.

2. No misleading terms such as animal derivatives, by-products or fats without species designation.

3. At least 18% animal protein and clearly identified meat.

4. Only behind the meat content are quality cereals or feed without cereals.

5. Fats in feed shall be listed, including species, and predominantly animal.

6. Only natural preservatives: tocopherols (Vit. E), with a maximum shelf life of approx. 1 year.

7. No colorants, flavors, salts or chemical preservatives.

8. Fruits, vegetables or herbs for good immunity and health promotion, supplemented with vitamins, minerals or antioxidants.

For quality feeds, feed packaging is also important. The highest quality feed is packed in paper bags or special packaging. This is in contrast to the "economy class" granules, which are packed in plastic bags.


In our e-shop you will find feeds and food supplements made in Slovakia with the best ingredients. We have been producing feed since 1992 and we are constantly developing new products as well as improving our recipes. When choosing raw materials, we prefer natural and animal products, we avoid chemical preservatives and flavorings. Nature itself helps us to create recipes that contribute to the healthy growth of our pets. All feeds and condiments are GMO-free. What natural substances, for example, can we find in Biofer feeds?
For example, sunflower and flax, necessary for a healthy and shiny coat and at the same time ideally provided in feed omega3 and omega6 acids. Thistle has a beneficial effect on the liver, oyster mushrooms support the immune system, animal collagen joints, urological herbs help proper kidney function, tannin alleviates digestive problems and at the same time absorbs unwanted odors from the stools of your pets. We were the first in Slovakia to start processing soybeans into extruded full-fat soybeans and thus contributed to increasing the productivity of Slovak breeders' animals. As Slovak producers, we prefer raw materials from Slovak primary producers.


From our offer are very popular products of the TARA line, which cover all breeds of dogs and their needs. Also a popular food is ARON, or premium granules of the FEDA series. The decisive factor when buying these products is also the size of their packaging, as we also offer selected products in a 20-kilo package. Just choose. We believe that with these lines we have introduced you to the issue and description of feed for your pets and you will be satisfied with our products, as well as many of our customers who use these products. You will find our entire offer of quality feed made in Slovakia at this link.

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