Hand-woven carpets from Slovakia

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Carpet weaving has been translated in our country for several generations, which is also reflected in their quality. After all, who could make better woven rugs for you than women who have been weaving since their childhood?

We have a choice for you from a wide range of sizes, which we will meet based on your requirements. Dense weaving will ensure that your woven rug does not start to steam even after several washes and, thanks to the natural materials from which woven rugs are made, does not cause any allergic reactions. The quality of our carpets is also reflected in our customers, who keep coming back to us when they need to add a rug, either to their homes or cottages. At the same time, by purchasing this carpet, we save the environment, as all carpets from our offer are woven from waste materials.

That is why we have prepared this gallery of carpets for you, which we have produced so far, we have woven so that you have a better overview of your choice. All you have to do is enter the shade you are interested in in the note when placing your order. If you do not find your color combination in our gallery, it does not matter, we will make the carpet you need.






1. tkany_koberec _55100A003p


2. tkany_koberec _55100B0011p


3. tkany_koberec _55100B003p


4. tkany_koberec _55100B004p


5. tkany_koberec _55100B005p


6. tkany_koberec _55100B006p


7. tkany_koberec _55100B007p


8. tkany_koberec _55100B008p


9. tkany_koberec _55100B009p


10. tkany_koberec _55100B021p


11. tkany_koberec _55100B022p


12. tkany_koberec _55100B025p


13. tkany_koberec _55100E001p


14. tkany_koberec _55100E002p


15. tkany_koberec_100150A004p


16. tkany_koberec_100150B002p


17. tkany_koberec_100200D002p


18. tkany_koberec_150200A003p


19. tkany_koberec_100200D003p


20. tkany_koberec_150200A004p


21. tkany_koberec_150200A005p


22. tkany_koberec_150200A006p


23. tkany_koberec_150200A008p


24. tkany_koberec_55100A001p


25. tkany_koberec_55100A002p


26. tkany_koberec_55100A006p


27. tkany_koberec_55100B010p


28. tkany_koberec_55150B017p


29. tkany koberec 55150C001p


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