Dutybox is changing the way conscious consumers clean their homes and the future of the detergent industry. It combines non-toxic recipes with a sustainable packaging system in concentrated cleaning replacement capsules.

From detergent to bathroom, to detergent to hand soap, almost every personal care product or detergent you buy contains a secret ingredient you don't even know you are paying: water. In fact, most commercial cleaners contain an incredible 90 to 95 percent water. So when you take a new floor cleaner, you basically only pay for the plastic bottle (which you already have), the water (which probably flows from your tap) and a small amount of real ingredients. In order to correct this imbalance, reduce the environmental impact of personal care products and detergents, and offer non-toxic alternatives, DutyBox has emerged - concentrated detergent and drugstore systems.

Concentrated vs. traditional products.

Most of us always turn to traditional ready-to-use products. It is easy to take the bottle out of the box and use this product as intended and, if the product runs out, buy a new one again and so on. Pile of plastic waste in the form of packaging, but not with DutyBox! With the DutyBox you get the advantages of concentrated fillings. In each cartridge you will find a large amount of concentrated liquid instead of 90% water as traditional cleaning solutions. All you need is one bottle that will last you a long time and refill it with DutyBox concentrate. Traditional single-use cleaners also contain various volatile toxicants that can affect air quality. They are usually not made of recyclable materials and empty bottles, packaging from traditional products can often be found everywhere in landfills. DutyBox concentrates contain less water than regular products, the less you have to use them, the more you save.

How does DutyBox work?

Step 1.Choose the right concentrate according to the method of use and open it with a simple step, for example by cutting off the cap.

Step 2. - Fill your empty bottle with a concentrated product, or you can use our bottles from Dutybox products, which are designed for the specific use.

Step 3. - Fill the remaining contents of the bottle with water in the proportions according to the specific preparation. Usually at least 500ml. And it is equipped.

Here are our 5 main benefits of using a concentrated cleaning solution and drugstore.

1. Spend less - Saving money on cleaning products is one of the biggest advantages when choosing concentrates. You buy less concentrated products and use the product less often. You never need to use a lot of concentrate to clean everything at home again. Instead of spraying repeatedly to remove a complex stain, you will feel a significant difference when using a small amount of solution. For example, it spreads stains much faster. By exchanging for the best concentrated ecological cleaning products, you are guaranteed to save a lot of money on cleaning products.

2. Save time - Conventional products can clean things, but DutyBox concentrated cleaners are much more effective. They can be used on any surface at home, even on mirrors and windows. Our products are excellent when it comes to dissolving demanding stains. With the right amount of concentrate, you will save time by scrubbing less.

3. Save waste - The advantage of a concentrated cleaner is that you will always have less waste. The production of these cleaners also saves natural resources. They require much less labeling, processing, plastics and bottles. The delivery of these products also does not require much energy, especially because they contain less water. Unlike traditional high-water cleaners, concentrate companies improve consumers' carbon footprint by not delivering heavy water-based products across the country.

4. Release fewer chemicals - When someone in your household uses a ready-to-use cleaner, you run the risk of the chemicals being flushed down the toilet or sink, not to mention the possible health complications associated with their composition. These toxic chemicals are then released into the environment and have a severe impact on soil, wildlife, waterways and air quality. Contaminants from standard cleaners degrade forever. Many don't even fall apart at all. Old-school cleaning chemicals can also kill organisms that live in a natural ecosystem. Thanks to natural concentrated cleaning agents, you can always be environmentally friendly and at the same time keep your home fresh.

5. Health and safety - Ecological concentrated cleaners are much safer to use than conventional. Our green cleaners are some of the most effective and you never have to worry about wearing thick gloves or inhaling toxic fumes.

Now that you know these 5 main benefits of concentrated cleaners, it's time to start saving time, money and energy.

Thanks to our cost-effective solution, you can always rely on having the cleanest home without risking your health. For example, order our Complete DutyBox package today and we will deliver it directly to your door. DutyBox the best ecological concentrated cleaning products that your neighbors will envy you.