You have a coupon, voucher, loyalty points collected from our e-shop and you do not know how to use them, or you do not know what the difference is in them. In this article on Vantu, we will explain the difference today, as well as the procedures for using them.

Nowadays, in almost every e-shop, you will encounter these means of online sales support, and we in our Vant e-shop do not lag behind in this either. We use both of these options when selling. So what's the difference?

Coupon, discount coupon.

In our e-shop, we use this product mainly for individual products as an extra discount to the price, expressed either as a percentage, or we set a fixed amount of discount stated in € / CZK. We also issue or publish a coupon code for occasional events, for example for free shipping, etc. The use of this coupon is not limited in time, so in principle, if someone buys once and has a coupon to use, they can use it again in the event of their next purchase in our e-shop and the validity of the coupon. In principle, it places these coupon codes directly on individual products on our website. You may also find that such a coupon can be used, for example, to promote the sale of a particular brand, or even for products in specific categories.

How to use this coupon? Using coupons is absolutely easy for the buyer. For example, as a customer, you will notice an action with a discount code for a product, such as Extra Discount - 5% when using the following code ABCD5. If you decide to buy a product marked in this way, you will receive an extra discount on the sale price using the code given in the amount of 5%. Therefore, the condition is that this selected product will be in the cart when you place your order. In the basket, you already proceed by default as with other purchases, with the difference that you will see an empty field in the basket for entering the above-mentioned coupon code to apply this extra discount. So if you have all the necessary data for the order and enter the code number you saw in the product in our case ABCD5 e-shop in the field for entering (enter your code), the coupon will recalculate this coupon within your order with the appropriate discount.

This is also the case for coupons for free shipping, or for other coupons that are currently valid. This is, in short, the use of coupons or discount coupons in our e-shop. The validity or invalidity of these sales support programs is determined exclusively by us as an e-shop, including the beginning or end.

Gift voucher.

The second product we will imagine is a very popular product, if it can be called so, namely a gift voucher or otherwise used name voucher. This voucher can be purchased by any customer in our e-shop on the relevant Vantu sub-page. When choosing this gift voucher, each customer chooses for himself the amount or value of which he will issue this voucher. Since we know from our practice that so many people make it easier to buy a gift for their loved ones, acquaintances, or as just a gift on various occasions, we have determined the value of these vouchers from € 10 to € 250. These gift vouchers can be purchased in our e-shop only by payment to a bank account, either by bank transfer or deposit, and also by online payment. In the event that payment for this voucher has been credited to our account,

We explained to you how to buy and then use this voucher in our extra article dedicated purely to gift vouchers, which you can read here.

Loyalty points.

The use of loyalty points when buying applies exclusively to customers who have a registered account in our e-shop and it is an additional bonus that we provide to our customers. Loyalty points are earned by the customer for each purchase in our e-shop and are given for each product. There is also, for example, the value of points for each product, for which it is possible to buy that product if the customer decides. However, it must be said that it is up to the customer to use these points. It is not a condition to have the full amount of points to purchase any of the products. For example, as a customer, you have 200 loyalty points in your account, but the product you are interested in costs 500. If you do not want to collect those points, you will simply see a box with your current points status as well as the value of points needed to purchase full payment. Simply enter 200 in the appropriate points field and the system will convert those points to a discount, which will be deducted from your purchase amount. It is a very advantageous discount system, which will help you with a discount on shipping, for example, because if the amount for shipping costs you € 7.80 and you use points and you get a € -2.50 discount on the order, then quasi-shipping is only for 5.30 € and the like.

Loyalty points are awarded to the customer after the successful completion of the order by payment. Thus, if the customer pays the order and then the system registers the payment in the system, respectively. closes the order both closed by delivery, and the customer is added loyalty points for the order for individual items in the order according to their value.

The procedure for using points is similar to using coupons or gift vouchers, ie at the checkout at the end of the purchase as a customer you see the appropriate box for entering points. Please note that these loyalty points and use are only displayed to registered customers!

In short, this is all about bonuses such as coupons, gift vouchers and loyalty points that relate to our e-shop. We know that these bonuses are often used by our customers and that is why we are constantly bringing new ones so that we can make your purchase cheaper or more advantageous. If you are unclear about the use of these bonuses, feel free to contact us at our contacts and we will explain them to you, or advise you on their use or purchase. The Vantu team.