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25 Dec Quality thermal underwear from Slovakia.
Jozef 0 643
Cold days are here and you are thinking about quality warm clothes? We have our tip for you, namely quality NIKA thermal underwear made in Slovakia. Comfortable at home, at work, outdoors or for sports. Everyone can choose for children, women, but al..
20 Dec Holiday delivery
Jozef 0 298
Delivery dates and delivery during the holidays from 23.12.2021 to 09.01.2022 will be realized in this way in our e-shop.Dear customers, during the upcoming holidays, planned holidays will take place in our company as well as in the companies with wh..
23 Nov SILVER quality shoe care
Jozef 0 753
Beautiful shoes deserve proper care, ideally the best. That is why you will find Silver products in our offer.SILVER sells products to customers in 65 countries, while constantly increasing its presence on all continents of the world. Product formula..
17 Oct Try our blankets on cold evenings.
Jozef 0 833
As cold days and nights come, you too will like to reach for a warm and comfortable blanket. This is the perfect time to make tea and wrap yourself in a beautiful and soft blanket. We have prepared for you a few lines dedicated to blankets, which you..
25 Mar Bed linen care
Jozef 0 8103
Bed linen, like any other linen, needs regular care. The need for care depends, of course, on the individual requirements of each of us. So how do you wash, iron, dry or otherwise maintain your bedding? We have a few tips for you in the following lin..
23 Feb Do you know L´Cosmetics cosmetics?
Jozef 0 1240
In our e-shop we try to bring you something always new and unique. That is why we have prepared for our offer one of the highest quality cosmetics on the market, which is gaining more and more popularity in the world of the L´Cosmetics brand. In this..
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