ATLANTIS anti-decubitus sandwich mattress 90x200cm

ATLANTIS anti-decubitus sandwich mattress 90x200cm

High quality anti-decubitus sandwich mattress with long life and high degree of comfort. The anti-decubitus mattress is made of viscoelastic memory foam and is suitable for all long-term patients where there is a risk of bed sores. It serves a bedridden patient requiring comfort (or incontinence safety). The quality of the Sonnocel foam used guarantees the comfort and long life of the mattress. High foam density ensures the highest class of prevention and anti-decubitus therapy. Most effectively, pressure ulcers can be prevented in a bedridden patient by changing the patient's position (every three hours) to minimize pressure on blood vessels and bones and to ensure adequate blood supply to the affected tissues. The anti-decubitus mattress consists of two parts: the 6 cm SONNOCEL VISCO MEMORY shape memory layer on which the patient lies (the pad ideally distributes pressure and exerts only a small back pressure), and the 8 cm flexible and firm Sonnocel 32 foam base on the bottom core.

Mattress size: 90 x 200 cm

Mattress height: 14 cm

Orthopedic load: up to 120kg

Recommended storage: fixed or adjustable grate

Use of mattress: one-sided

Core material: combination of high-strength Sonnocel 32 foam density 32 kg / m3 increased hardness and Sonnocel visco MEMORY 50 foam density 50 kg / m3 increased hardness

Cover material:

T116 TECHMAFLEX BIPE FRC / 220cm, 200g / m2 - green

- ISO 1663 - resistance to penetration of blood and body fluids

- ISO 1664 - resistance to penetration of blood pathogens

- BS 6807, crib 5 - Fire Mattress Behavior Test

- ČSN EN 20811 - Resistance to water penetration (min. 3m) after 30 maintenance cycles (washing 95 ° C-drying - 20min. Autoclaving at 121 ° C) is waterproof 10 m water column - the material is then very resistant (also 100 wash cycles at 95 ° C were tested without losing the standard properties)

- Sanitized - antifungal and antibacterial treatment, resistance to MRSA (golden staphylococcus)

Product information
Dimensions 90 x 200 cm
Information about the mattress
Orthopedic load up to 120 kg
Recommended storage fixed or adjustable grate
Total mattress height 14 cm
Using a mattress one-sided

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