SENSES Glamorous natural deodorant

SENSES Glamorous natural deodorant
The harmony of the delicate floral fragrances of the Glamorous collection enhances femininity and sensitivity, while the vanilla and wood element adds a touch of self-confidence. Citrus accents of bergamot and orange complete the fragrance that is fresh and seductive at the same time.

This recipe is completely different from our classic solid deodorants in terms of composition. The deodorant contains a compound with clinically proven antimicrobial effects for 24h efficacy, the effect of which is also confirmed by a clinical study and the so-called “sniff” test *. It eliminates the growth of odorous bacteria, softens the skin and maintains hydration. At the same time, it does not prevent natural removal of waste and harmful substances from the body - sweating.

In addition, we have replaced beeswax with candellila vegetable wax, so it is also suitable for vegans.

OUR TIP: For a more lasting scent of your skin, combine with shower cream and body oil / whipped cream from the Glamorous collection.

Deodorant removes unpleasant body odor by preventing the proliferation of bacteria that cause this odor by decomposing sweat components. At the same time, it does not prevent natural removal of waste and harmful substances from the body - sweating. Thus, it does not prevent the body from doing what is natural to it. Unlike antiperspirants, your body can still safely get rid of waste and harmful substances.

Fractionated coconut oil is a lightweight, non-comedogenic version of classic coconut oil - but it is absorbed much faster, yet has a light texture and does not leave an oily film. It softens dry, chapped, irritated skin, helps its regeneration and prevents loss of hydration.

Candelilla vegetable wax forms a protective layer to prevent drying and damage to sensitive skin due to adverse environmental conditions.

To remove odor and to reduce moisture in the armpit, also marant powder (arrowroot) is involved. The deodorant contains ajantibacterial Polyglyceryl-3 Caprylate (ester derived from rapeseed oil) and Triethyl Citrate (plant citrate ester), which significantly eliminate the growth of odorous bacteria.

* An in vivo screening study and a sniff test have shown positive odor elimination effects comparable to Triclosan, with a longer-term deodorizing effect higher than Triclosan.
Product Kvitok
The use After taking a shower, apply a delicate layer of deodorant to the armpit (do not press too much, preferably apply gentle and multiple times). Use twice a day if necessary. When changing to natural cosmetics, longer adaptation (approx. 1-2 weeks) is sometimes required for the organism, during which a short-term increased odor may occur. To maintain quality, store in a dry, cool and dark place.
Composition Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides (fractionated coconut oil), Euphorbia Cerifera Wax (vegetable wax candelilla), Maranta Arundinacea Root Powder (arrowroot), Farnesol (constituent of essential oils), Polyglyceryl-3 Caprylate (ester derived from rapeseed oil) Citrate (vegetable citrate ester), Fragrance / Aroma (100% pure steam distilled essential oils), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), * Citral, * Citronellol, * Geraniol, * Limonene, * Linalool * occurring naturally in essential oils
Packing Packaging: 30 ml. Plastic tube with scroll wheel on the underside. The deodorant extends by turning the wheel counterclockwise (i.e., the opposite way we are used to).

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  • High content of active substances
  • Natural healing power
  • Safe raw materials
  • Highest quality
  • Not tested on animals

Navia becomes KVITOK

KVITOK - a new brand of cosmetics! The Navia logo and brand will be changed to the KVITOK brand.

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