Foams, Shaving Gels

Foams, Shaving Gels

Shaving is one of the most aggressive effects on the skin. Limit the aggression to a minimum by using shaving foam or shaving gel on the menu to Vantu.

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JUST FOR MEN After Shave Creme (50 ml) 27247

Ginseng Essence and Vitamin E protect the skin from adverse external influences and give it shine an..

7.90 € 1.99 €

JUST FOR MEN Aftershave (200 ml) 27245

Refreshing aftershave gives a feeling of cleanliness and the necessary skin disinfection. You can us..

8.90 € 1.99 €

JUST FOR MEN shaving foam (200 ml) 27334

Shaving foam contains ginseng essence, vitamins and minerals. It nourishes, moisturizes, gives it el..

6.90 € 2.99 €

JUST FOR MEN shaving gel (100 ml) 27244

It softens the beard, allowing the razor, razor or razor blade to slip easily over the skin. Vitamin..

9.90 € 1.99 €

NATURA SIBERICA icy after shave gel YAK & YETI for men 150ml

After Shave Ice Yak and Yeti Natura siberica for men will make your skin soft, moisturized and pleas..

9.60 € 6.90 €
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