For men

For men

Not only women but also men take care of their skin. Our products will serve you for everything you need for your perfect look. In our offer you will find various foams or gels after shaving, masks, creams and much more. We try to adapt to your needs as much as possible. Men's skin has a different structure than that of women, so this part is dedicated specifically to men and their skin problems. So do not hesitate and choose the product that will suit you on our Vantu e-shop, where you will surely find the product for you.

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JUST FOR MEN After Shave Creme (50 ml) 27247

Ginseng Essence and Vitamin E protect the skin from adverse external influences and give it shine an..

7.90 € 1.99 €
Ex Tax: 1.99 €

JUST FOR MEN Aftershave (200 ml) 27245

Refreshing aftershave gives a feeling of cleanliness and the necessary skin disinfection. You can us..

8.90 € 1.99 €
Ex Tax: 1.99 €

JUST FOR MEN shaving foam (200 ml) 27334

Shaving foam contains ginseng essence, vitamins and minerals. It nourishes, moisturizes, gives it el..

6.90 € 2.99 €
Ex Tax: 2.99 €

JUST FOR MEN shaving gel (100 ml) 27244

It softens the beard, allowing the razor, razor or razor blade to slip easily over the skin. Vitamin..

9.90 € 1.99 €
Ex Tax: 1.99 €

NATURA SIBERICA anti-wrinkle face cream BEAR POWER for men 50ml

NATURA SIBERICA anti-wrinkle face cream BEAR POWER is made for men who are strong, brave and self-co..

9.60 €
Ex Tax: 9.60 €

NATURA SIBERICA Bear Hug face washing gel for men 150ml

This face gel perfectly cleanses away all impurities. Moreover, Wild Siberian Ginseng and Bearberry ..

6.90 €
Ex Tax: 6.90 €

NATURA SIBERICA icy after shave gel YAK & YETI for men 150ml

After Shave Ice Yak and Yeti Natura siberica for men will make your skin soft, moisturized and pleas..

9.60 € 6.90 €
Ex Tax: 6.90 €

NATURILIES Tea Tree Oil Cream 27211

Known for its antiseptic effects, Tea Tree helps reduce itching after insect bites and helps prevent..

15.90 € 5.99 €
Ex Tax: 5.99 €

SKIN PERFECT Black Mask (100 ml) 27440

The black mask contains a black caraway to remove blackheads, dirt and dead cells from the skin, giv..

9.90 € 2.49 €
Ex Tax: 2.49 €

SOFT TIME calendula oil Face 27439

Calendula oil provides ideal nutrition skin and gives it a velvety softness. In addition, the oil co..

19.90 € 5.99 €
Ex Tax: 5.99 €

SOFT TIME nourishing Calendula Cream (200 ml) 27295

Calendula is known for its antiseptic properties. In addition, it moisturizes the skin intensely, ma..

14.90 € 5.99 €
Ex Tax: 5.99 €
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