Plasters, Leucoplasts

Plasters, Leucoplasts

We have patches - we leave the choice to you. You can also buy special patches for cold sores, chicken eyes or even patches for joint and muscle pain. We offer cool and warm patches and patches with active ingredients that relieve pain.

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FIXAPLAST AQUA waterproof plaster

The waterproof patch with a leather cushion is made of fine foil, which guarantees maximum discretio..

2.84 EUR


Protective patch designed for blisters and bruises, with a polyurethane foam wheel in the center tha..

2.42 EUR

FIXAPLAST CLASSIC patch 6 cm x 100 cm

Non-split body-colored textile patch with perforated cushion that allows skin breathing. Suitable fo..

1.82 EUR


Special patch for corns, has a tightening and protective function. It ensures quick and easy removal..

2.75 EUR

FIXAPLAST KIDS waterproof plaster

Children's, waterproof split patch with a pillow with cheerful colorful motifs is especially popular..

1.65 EUR

FIXAPLAST SENSITIVE patch with cushion

Antiallergic special nonwoven patch with absorbent pad is a very popular patch for its softness. It ..

1.65 EUR

FIXAPLAST STRIPS textile patch

Hypoallergenic body textile patch with antiseptic absorbent pad, suitable for the treatment of minor..

0.66 EUR

FIXAPLAST THERMO patch with a warming effect

Fixaplast THERMO - a patch with a warming effect, a source of dry bioactive heat.The patch is intend..

3.48 EUR
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