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FREEMAN exfoliating foot scrub Peppermint & Plum 150ml

Reveal soft skin from heel to toe. Peppermint Oil and Plum Extract invigorate feet while exfoliating..

6.00 EUR

FREEMAN revitalizing foot scrub Lemon & Sage 150ml

Invigorate and smooth your soles. This revitalizing foot scrub energizes your feet while exfoli..

6.00 EUR

2-phase multifunction cleaner 3in1

Make-up removal, cleaning and toning in 1 step - this is a new 2-phase multifunction cleaner. It is ..

13.90 EUR

AKNELOT cleansing lotion

AKNELOT Cleansing Milk - Milk for gentle cleansing and cleansing of problematic skin perfectly remov..

2.39 EUR

AKNELOT cleansing lotion for sensitive skin

AKNELOT cleansing lotion for sensitive skin - Problematic skin is often oversensitive, but it is nec..

2.39 EUR

AKNELOT water for deep cleaning

AKNELOT Deep Cleansing Water - This highly effective product effectively cleans and releases clogged..

2.39 EUR

Almond oil

Almond oil is suitable for all skin types, its composition is closest to the film of human skin and ..

4.90 EUR

AMIA Active 2v1 cleansing milk + tonic 200ml

A modern cosmetic product that combines perfect cleaning with refreshing and toning. After applying ..

2.30 EUR

AMIA Active Cleansing Milk 200ml

Gentle cleansing emulsion cleans perfectly the make up and adhering dirt without dehydration or degr..

2.00 EUR

AMIA Active cleansing tonic 200ml

Skin tonic for delicate cleansing and cleansing of the skin removes remnants of cosmetics and dirt w..

2.00 EUR

AMIA Active cleansing water 200ml

Lotion with a balanced ratio of alcohol and moisturizers to deep clean and efficient polishing of th..

2.00 EUR

AMIA Active Eye Remover for Dry Skin 125ml

Gentle cleansing emulsion perfectly removes make-up and glued impurities without dehydration or degr..

3.15 EUR

AMIA Active Eye Remover for Normal Skin 125ml

Fine oil-free make-up remover eye area with panthenol and calendula extract. Gently and thoroughly r..

3.15 EUR

AMIA Balsam for dry hands 25ml

The balm contains a dermatologically tested complex of active substances for improving the condition..

2.62 EUR

AMIA cream on dry hands 100ml

AMIA 100ml Dry Hand Cream is a powerful regenerative cream. It contains a highly effective combinati..

2.62 EUR

AMIA Hand and Nail Cream 250ml

AMIA Hand and Nail Cream 250ml- Hand and nail cream with lanolin and glycerine softens and protects ..

2.90 EUR

AMIA Hydro Balance body lotion for dry skin 500ml

AMIA - hydrobalance body lotion for dry skin. Cream emulsion for daily care of dry and stressed skin..

3.70 EUR

AMIA Hydro Balance body lotion for very dry skin 500ml

AMIA - hydro balance body lotion for very dry skin cream emulsion for daily care of very dry and str..

3.88 EUR

AMIA moisturizing hand cream with Aloe Vera 100ml

A moisturizing hand cream with aloe vera softens and protects the skin of the hands, promotes regene..

1.40 EUR

AMIA regenerating hand cream with marigold 100 ml

Regenerating  cream with natural calendula softens and protects the hand skin, supports re..

1.40 EUR

AMIA Regenerating Hand Cream with Propolis 100 ml

Regenerative hand cream with natural propolis softens and protects the skin of the hands, promotes t..

1.40 EUR

Anti Mosquito - repellent body oil

Anti Mosquito repellent oil is ideal for holidays, sitting by the fireplace or walking in the woods...

7.90 EUR

Anti-aging Night Serum for Mature Skin (30+) roll-on

You have 30, your skin loses elasticity and wrinkles? Anti-aging serum delivers the right charge of ..

8.90 EUR

Anti-aging Night Serum with Q10 for Mature Skin (40+) roll-on

For skin after 40th, where wrinkles are already visible and the skin needs special care, we have pre..

8.90 EUR
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